The Vox Tempus Reich is a social gaming clan run by The LeBaron (Anthony Christoph-Lindemann Jackson) that came about after splitting from one clan and the downfall of another.

The Forming of Vox Tempus

The founding of the Vox Tempus Reich started after the fall out then downfall of two clans before that; RFA and then RFAx. The group RFA was a multi-platform gaming clan that held several "Divisions" each of them containing a different group of users that fit into specific consoles. Being the smallest of the "Divisions" the Microsoft Xbox 360 group lacked most of the advanced features of the other "Divisions" causing a rift between the 360 users and the rest of the site. Several members belonged to the "Officers" group of users (this included The LeBaron who was at the rank of Captain) who tried to convey the problems the users to the site global administrators. Interactions between the 360 Division and the site as a whole fell to an all time low which eventually led the 360 users split from RFA as a whole due to 'lack of attention', moving on to form RFAx in the spring of 2007.

RFAx carried many of the former members of the 360 Division of RFA over with it (including, again, The LeBaron whom this time acted as Co-Leader) and started off well enough though with far fewer members then they would have hoped. While still small on it's own, it started to grow with help from in site advertisement as well as user reach out. After a month, RFAx had grown from a small handful to close to a hundred members but, like all groups before that, this proved to be the kindling for a fire that would burn through the clan without mercy. As the group grew, members started to band together to form their own sub-groups called "Squads". Eventually the squads started to pull away from the main group, breaking off into several sub-clans until only a few remained in RFAx. More eventually fell away from the group due to platform changes, switching from the 360 to the PlayStation 3, or joining groups that already held multi-platform groups. The final nail in the coffin was the choice to move the clan site to a new and more 'modern' site. Every member moved to the new site and the original was taken down but this only lasted just over a week when the site hosting the new fourm went down and RFAx was disbanded. It was a short life, lasting only from spring to summer of 2007. This was the moment that The LeBaron decided that he would run his own clan and so was the birth of Vox Tempus.

In the summer of 2007, The LeBaron formed and founded Vox Tempus, which started off as just the remaining leaders of the former RFAx. All members played for the game and fun, not for fame or achievements, which helped to keep the group close but small. Eventually the members reached out to former members of the previous two clans and to new ones, recruiting for the clan on different sites as through game lobbies. The clan grew to a fair size, having around fifty to seventy-five members whom all played together daily. The clan lasted for over a year before any signs of problem would surface but, once they did, it threatened to shake Vox Tempus to the core.

The Fall of Vox

A little over a year after it founding, Vox Tempus was still going strong with over a hundred members. Many had joined and spent countless hours playing with each member and eventually everyone voted on a new name: the Vox Tempus Reich. Some opposed this idea, claiming that any use of German words would instantly convey a sense of Nazism (this was of course true, as most people have been conditioned to think such things) even though the clan had no ties in any way to the Nazis of World War II. While most members were close, some eventually grew away from the less competitive atmosphere and moved on to more MLG (Major League Gaming) styled clans. The ranks of the Reich thinned even more as people drifted from being single console owners to multi-platform players. Some even gave up console all together to move to computer gaming, most notably WoW (World of Warcraft).

After dropping from over hundred members, the Vox Tempus Reich stood at only fifty plus members. Even these numbers started to fall with the increased desire to be MLG and the hunt for achievements as more and more left to join groups of like minded members. Vox Tempus eventually changed their name, dropping the Reich to encourage more members to join but to no avail. As numbers dropped below twenty, some members simply left to go to join large groups to feel as if they were actual part of something bigger then themselves. Soon enough, only the leaders remained and Vox Tempus was near the breaking point. Once all but The LeBaron had left, Vox Tempus in near death until meeting up with a small group that would lead to the rebirth of the Reich.

The Rise of the Reich

In the summer of 2008, the Vox Tempus Reich had been changed back to simply Vox Tempus and only one member remained, leader and founder The LeBaron. While playing a game of Halo 3 he met with a few players that were intrested in joining his clan, simply because they needed a group of players. They were: Ry san san (now known as AromanticMidget), Phaune, and Griffinheiser. With the four of them, they eventually helped to pull in a several new members and brought Vox Tempus back on the map. Many came and went from the new clan but the four still staid strong members. Eventually Phaune left the group leaving just Ry san san, Griffinheiser, and The LeBaron. This did not last long though, as friends from each member grew more interested and eventually grew to form a tight knit group of gamers whom enjoyed simply talking and playing games.

After about a year and a couple of name changes (for more information on name changes, please, read "Changes in Name") the Vox Tempus Reich was back on track and quickly gaining fame in some of the smaller websites which they had the pleasure to join with. One website was not as happy to have the "Vox Tempians" join, trying many different ways to rid themselves of the Tempians all with no result. It was here that the Tempians first came into contact with now strong members Axe Argonian and Ethan Argonian (now known as The Only Rohugh). During the time known as the "TOG WARS" these two members (both of TOG and the Vox Tempus Reich) decided to side against Vox a choice they soon grew to regret as much as The LeBaron had warned them they would. While each member was removed from the site for things such as "racism", "threats", "harassing members", and "taking part in a conspiracy involving threats against the website" (this is a personal favorite) the only thing that changed was other's thoughts of the site and, after punishing Axe Argonian for his loyalty, the site was soon hit with a video that exposed the site owner as a two face, speaking ill of members behind their back, and drove many from the site, leaving just admins and those no one else wanted. Both Axe Argonian and Ethan Argonian soon rejoined the Reich. The "TOG WARS" was considered a win for the Vox Tempus Reich.

From that moment on, the Vox Tempus Reich has never been challenged nor have they had issues with any other site they have joined. This may in part be due to the fact that those running "TOG" felt they could do as they wished without reason or for the fact that the Vox Tempians would not bend over backwards to please them.

Changes in Name

The Vox Tempus Reich (2010 - Current)


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